Intro to Steel Match

Hosted by Rob Leatham and Chad Reilly


Fourth Sunday of Each Month

Practical Pistol Bays 1 & 2


7:00am-8:30am (Summer) or 8:00am-9:30 (Winter) Signup

(check RSSC calendar to verify)


New & Experienced competition shooters welcome!
If you are familiar with your pistol but have never shot competition, this match is for you!
  (This is not a match for people who have NEVER shot).


NEW Shooters MUST attend the 8:00 a.m. SAFETY BRIEFING


Match Fee - $14.00 Guests, $10.00 RSSC Members

9 mm centerfire handguns (or larger calibers) only
3 to 4 magazines recommended
Approximately 75 - 100 rounds of ammunition
4 ALL-STEEL Stages, Multiple Runs, keep your BEST run
No holsters or special equipment / gear required - guns will start on tables or at low-ready, similar to the .22 match, with no required reloads. You may use magazine pouches and a holster ATTACHED to a waist BELT for ease of transport, but this equipment is NOT required.
Great way to familiarize yourself with the BASICS of handgun safety, match etiquette, shooting steel, and also prepare for the Tuesday Night Steel Match!
        Please bring your UNLOADED handgun in a carrying case or bag that zips or latches closed. Range bags are fine.

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