12th Annual

March 6-9, 2014

Match Director

Steve Horsman



Both the SingleStack and the Revolver Matches are FULL

This is a USPSA Level II Match. Current USPSA Membership is Required




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2013 Match Pictures

Match Winner Nils Jonasson, 2nd Place Rob Leatham, and the Stage 7 Swimmin' hole (photos by Bob Graves & Don Bednoz)


The 12th Annual 2014 Western States SingleStack Match will be held Thu-Sun, March 6-9.  RO's will be shooting on Thursday and Friday so other competitors are not allowed on the stage while they are shooting. Round count is right at 270 rounds, and there will be 11 stages plus Chrono. Your pistol will be weighed and must be under 43 ounces and will be box checked, per the USPSA rule book.  Holster and mag pouch position, along with holster height will also be checked.  The match is limited to 200 shooters. Match fee is $110 ($50 for Juniors).


The Shooter meeting will be at 0700 on Saturday, with shooting to start at 0730.......shooting will start at 0730 on Sunday as well.  Match check in will be Friday from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.  There will also be a food vendor in the activity center.  If you have any questions, or would like an entry form e-mailed to you, let me know.   Steve Horsman

Rio Salado
Single Stack Rules


This match will be run using USPSA Scoring and the January 2008 with Amendments through July 2010 USPSA Single Stack Rules apply. 


5”  1911 style pistols with a single stack magazine.  Maximum capacity is 8 rounds in the magazine, for scoring “Major” for a total of 9 in the gun.  To score “Major” minimum caliber is .40.   For “Minor” you can have 10 rounds in the magazine.  Magazine must fit flush with the bottom of the pistol.  Magazine wells are allowed.  Ammunition must not extend past the grip frame of the pistol.  Magazine base pads are also allowed.

Pistol modifications that are allowed are as follows:

Extended magazine release buttons.
Magazine wells.

Pistol modifications that are not allowed are as follows:

Porting of barrel.
Optical sighting device.
Double column magazines.
Extended barrels or slides.

Holster rules are very much the same as USPSA Production and IDPA.